Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nerissa's Ring

In the final couplet of The Merchant of Venice, a chastened Graziano swears to be true to his wife Nerissa with these words:

Well, while I live I'll fear no other thing
So sore as keeping safe Nerissa's Ring.

June is the month for weddings, and in the last week of  June this bright gold self puts forth a profusion of cheerful blossoms in honor of true love. The flowers are rounded and rolled back, pleated in tiny ruffles on both petals and sepals. 

I was visiting Charlie Zettek's Cobbs Hill Garden one day when he was digging seedling clumps. "Don't toss that one--it's my favorite!" I exclaimed. The plant was dubbed "Save for Mike"--combining rolled-back form from Queen Ann's Lace with fine foliage and high scape density from Penny's Worth. To achieve rebloom, I crossed it with Doris Simpson's Lemon Lollypop.

Nerissa's Ring is a fine front-of-the-border plant and mixes well with early perennials. Loaded with flowers. Healthy blue-green foliage and pleasing plant balance. Good substance with many scapes and a budcount of 16-30. Some rebloom. Multiple fans.

(Queen Ann's Lace x Penny's Worth) x Lemon Lollipop
Flower 3 1/2"
Height 22"

Introduced at $25

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