Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ikarian Honey

 Ikarian Honey in shade

Out of the blue waters of the Aegean Sea rise the mountains of Ikaria. On this "healing island," the native islanders often reach a great age, and dementia is virtually unknown. Here you will find sea breezes, clear mountain air, and the hot springs that have been famed for their healing powers for millennia. 

Ikaria is known also for the extraordinary honey produced by the native bees. Could this honey have healing powers too?

The color is an intriguing blend of bronze and gold above a lemon and chartreuse throat. On hot days the bronze seems to catch fire and takes on tones of rust and copper. 

The heavy flowers open flat and face out for best effect. Very fragrant. Hard dormant and a strong grower.
             Ikarian Honey in full sun
While the pollen parent Smuggler's Gold was not a stellar performer for me, this plant has hybrid vigor to spare. Starting in the last week of June, Ikarian Honey bursts into bloom and continues blooming for about three weeks. Three-way branching and a budcount of 15-20. 

Marmalade Skies x Smuggler's Gold
Flowers 6 x 3 x 1 3/4"
Height 26-30"
Early Midseason

Introduced at: $100

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