Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Midsummer Marriage

As the faeries dance on Midsummer Day, the bride enters in her ivory gown trimmed with lace, glimmering with gold reflections from the sunshine.

The flower is ivory-lemon with a gold sunburst throat, very ruffled and recurved. Sometimes the ruffles show tentacles (as in the photo right).  The well-formed flowers have good substance. 

The flower was shaded for the photo above, where there are glints of polychrome. The photo below was taken in full sun, where the ivory-lemon color is seen.

A tall plant, top-branched, presenting a bouquet effect. The flowers open in the evening, and so are always open flat in the morning. Very fragrant. Two- to three-way branching, budcount 10-13. Admired by Dave Whalen.

(Court Magician x Big Blue)  x Southern Wind   07-B-2 
Flower 6 x 3 ¼ x 2 ¼
Height 38"
Nocturnal, Extended, Very Fragrant

Introduced at $95

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