Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fond Regards

There are some people who touch our lives in ways we can never forget. They are always carried in memory, even when we see each other only rarely. Just a few words in a Christmas card can warm the heart.

Fond Regards is a tenacious diploid saved from my church garden many years ago. I always enjoyed its cheerful color and carefree habit. Then this year, in full clump strength, it was a focal point in the garden. And when it rebloomed, I gave in and said, "OK! I will give you a name."

The flower is cotton candy pink with a subtle fuchsia eye and white midrib. Petals are creped and ruffled, the ruffles extending into the chartreuse throat. 

Budcount is modest at about 12 per scape, but with many scapes, fast increase, and rebloom, it makes a lot of flowers. Diamond dusted.

Fond Regards is a distinctive flower that says "thinking of you."

White Temptation x Grape Velvet
Height 22"
flower 4" x 2" x 1 1/4"

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