Thursday, February 22, 2018


The Wallaroo is a cheeky bush creature, a midsized marsupial midway in height between the little wallaby and the big red kangaroo. He can cover a great distance in a single bound.

Wallaroo the daylily is a dependable grower that covered itself in flowers for 6 weeks this summer. With three-way branching and a budcount of 12-15, it bloomed and bloomed.

 A sib of my earlier intro Black Key Polka, but instead of the butter yellow base color of its sibling, Wallaroo is cream-lavender-pink with a black-purple inkblot eye. The eye is bisected by a raised cream-lavender midrib. Though not a spider, it has narrow petals which gently roll back, while the sepals recurve and sometimes twist (as in the photo at right). The eye is repeated on the sepals as a ghost-image. The amber throat is distinctive. 

Very free flowering. Makes an outstanding clump.

Wallaroo will be an auction plant this summer at the National Convention in Myrtle Beach.

03-A-2 Paper Butterfly x Happy Bandit
Flower 6 x 2 x 1 1/2"
Height 28-31"
Early Midseason

Introduced at $100 DF

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