Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Castilian Gold

This broad-petaled flower has a commanding presence, like a Spanish Grandee. Bright plates of molten gold dazzle across the garden. Thick creped petals have heavy substance.

Dick Bennett's Genesee Fire is a strong dormant plant with intense orange-red flowers. David Kirchhoff's Marilyn Siwik has an orange flower with red eye and evergreen habit. This cross produced many strong seedlings in varying shades of orange and red. This light gold self was a surprise, and is the first of its sibs to be introduced.

Very strong grower and good increaser. A big plant with thick scapes. Three- to four-way branching and 14-16 buds. Sometimes polymerous--not too often, but I couldn't resist showing this 4x4 flower! Long bloom season. Very pod fertile.

Genesee Fire x Marilyn Siwik
Flower 6 x 3 1/4 x 2".
Height 36"
Early Midseason (begins 6/29 here)

Introduced at $75

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