Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Music of Hope

Some say that music has power to heal the body. Whether or not this is true, music can inspire hope for those who live with a life-threatening disease. The interweaving voices of Renaissance polyphony express a faith that has endured for centuries.

In my early days I thought hybridizing was simple. If I wanted a purple double, I  thought I had only to cross a  purple single flower with a cream pink double, and hey presto! The purple double would appear.

Predictably, the 26 seedlings from that 1998 crop produced a range of colors in lavender, pink, and cerise. I saved this one because of its rich grape color, though it produced few flowers in its shady bed. Years later I moved it to full sun, and discovered that it was a vigorous plant with ample bud count and dependably double flowers. So glad I didn't throw it away!

This compact pony-sized plant has a pleasing proportion of  flower to plant size. Petals are wide and ruffled, with a darker purple eye and vivid green heart. Scapes have 3-4 way branching and carry 16-20 buds. A good grower and increaser.

Grape Velvet x Siloam Double Classic
Flower 3 1/4 x 1 3/4 x 1 1/8"
Height 24"

Introduced at $55

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