Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Santa Croce


Morning in the square of Santa Croce, Firenze. In the warm sunshine, the white marble façade with its lavender accents seems to glow with an inner radiance. Form and symmetry combine in esthetic harmony.

The flower is a pale ivory-cream or eggshell yellow. The yellow-green throat sets off the lavender-blue eye. The curling lavender picotee is completed by a gold edge at the end of the petals. Lighter midribs bisect the eye and connect it to the petal color.

A very finished flower, with each blossom opening flat. Santa Croce is a sibling of last year's Luna Toscana, and and continues the Florentine theme. Like LT, it is vigorous and a good opener, but is a very different color and makes smaller fans. Many scapes and flowers. 

A very long bloomer, Santa Croce flowers all through July, then rests for a bit. In 2013, last flower on first scapes was August 5. Rebloom started August 12 and continued to the end of August. Three- to four-way branching, budcount 18-22.

Druid's Chant x Big Blue
Flower 6 x 3 x 2
Height 32"
Midseason to Late

Introduced at $95

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